Crew: Rowing in an 8

Lake Cayuga, New York
Running time: 
14 minutes
Cornell Crew (Rowing team)
Sport teams
Teaching Notes: 

Rowing in an eight person boat is the ultimate team sport; no other sport requires the same level of coordination. The video follows Cornell University Women's Crew, a team competing against the best college crews in the U.S, as they practice on Lake Cayuga before an important race.

Crew members are interviewed on the following topics: 1. The meaning of high performance. 2. Adjectives that best the crew 3. Reasons for poor performance. 4. Performance criteria. 5. The correlation between practice and performance. 6. Individual team roles.

The crew emphasize their great working relationship, characterized by role clarity, high cohesion and strong confidence in each other’s abilities. They describe the two team roles which decide on the strategy during the race: the “cox”, who leads the boat, and the “stroke”, the lead rower who sets the pace for the others.

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