Chinese String Quartet

Undated, between 1999 and 2002
Running time: 
20 minutes
String quartets
Practicing (Music)
Musical instruments -- China
Hu qin

“Chinese String Quartet”, a companion piece to the Chamber Music Quartet video, follows the Huqin Quartet, based in Singapore. Both quartets were asked a common set of questions. The Huqin Quartet assembled in 1998 in and first performed in 1999. Its particularity is that it uses Chinese string instrument (gaohu, erhu, zhonghu, and gehu) rather than the classical Western combination of cello, viola and two violins.

The video covers the following topics: 1. The meaning of effectiveness. 2. A word to describe the group. 3. Factors leading to effectiveness. 4. Relationship between practice and performance. 5. Factors leading to effectiveness. 6. Dynamics of introducing a guest performer.

In addition, the group explains how the city of Singapore, with its strong tradition of entrepreneurship and its multicultural atmosphere, has influenced their work. In conclusion, each musician introduces their specific instrument.

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