University President

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Running time: 
18 minutes
Organizational change --Management
Carnegie-Mellon University
Cyert, Richard Michael, 1921-1998
Computer networks
Teaching Notes: 

Richard Cyert initiated many organizational changes at Carnegie Mellon University during his tenure as President (1972 – 1990). In this video, Cyert talks about the process of implementing the first extensive computer-integrated network in a university setting. The Andrew system was the first to connect students and faculty with each other and with university facilities such as libraries.

Cyert and his colleagues developed the network’s concept in 1980 and enlisted IBM’s financial and personnel support for its implementation. Cyert describes how he first built up industry support and subsequently generated faculty’s buy-in. Public forums, cross-functional committees, and redundant communication all helped overcome resistance and spur active involvement.

This video can be used to show critical aspects of change management and the implementation of new technology.

See also Denise Rousseau and Paul Goodman’s series of lecture on implementing organizational change: Managing Change, Part 1: Getting Started,  Part 2: Transition, and Part 3: Institutionalization of Change.