Managing Change I

Running time: 
14 minutes
Organizational change -- Management

This video is the first in a three-part series on managing complex organizational change. The series was designed to be shown in a course on management or change, or to be viewed after the course to review basic concepts.

In introduction, Professor Denise Rousseau distinguishes four steps in managing change: getting ready, initiating change, managing transition, and institutionalizing change. This video deals with the first two phases.

Getting ready before initiating change is crucial, argues Professor Rousseau; measures that can be taken include improving the supervisory skills of staff. The initiation phase itself consists of four processes: 1. Creating “constructive dissatisfaction”, that is, showing to employees the gap between the current unsatisfactory situation and the desired end destination; 2. Articulating a vision that every employees and users have a stake in; and finally, 3. Identifying and implementing practical first steps. Rousseau illustrates these keys ideas through examples taken from the hospital environment. The video concludes with summary slides.

See also : Managing Change, Part 2: Transition and Part 3: Institutionalization of Change.