Lobstermen II: Global Positioning System

Casco Bay, Maine
Running time: 
12 minutes
Lobster fishers -- Maine
Global Positioning System
Knowledge management
Organizational learning
Teaching Notes: 

This video follows up from Lobstermen, which explored the difficult that expert lobsterman George had to pass down his knowledge to his son Carl. In "Global Positioning System”, the father and son have recently installed a Global Positioning System in their boat. This new technology allows them to go out even in fog or at night and find their 1,500 traps in little time, leading to greatly increased yields. The system also provides a record of where the traps are placed, when they were set and pulled out, and what the yield was. Carl explains how he can construct a spreadsheet from that data and learn more about the knowledge that his father has but finds difficult to explain. The video illustrates the themes of organizational learning, knowledge transfer, and new technology.

See also: Lobstermen, part 1.