Doing Business in the U.S. and Mexico

Monterrey, Mexico
Running time: 
19 minutes
International business enterprises -- Mexico
Management -- Cross-cultural studies
Working class -- Mexico
Working class – United States
Steel industry and trade
Teaching Notes: 

Frisa, a company producing specialty steel products, was funded in 1971 by Eduardo Garza T at Monterrey, Mexico. The company now owns plants in both Mexico and the US and is involved in joint ventures in both countries. As of 1998, 90% of the firm's sales were outside Mexico.

This interview of Frisa President Eduardo Garza T is divided into two parts. In Part 1, Garza T describes the opportunities and challenges of expanding to an international market. Themes include managing relationships, building trust, the importance of product quality, and the advantages of making business in the USA. In Part 2, he discusses similarities and differences between American and Mexican workers, particularly their motivation and the type of supervision they need. Throughout the interview Garza T highlights the practices (such as an emphasis on training) that make his firm successful.

See also Managing in China for a study of the challenges in managing across cultures.